Every year around Easter I wonder how many people actually enjoy eating peeps… I’m not one of them! My teeth actually hurt just thinking about the amount of sugar on them!

Although I don’t eat them I do enjoy looking at them 😉 They’re cute and vibrant, and when paired with some beautiful fresh flowers make the perfect Easter centerpiece!

This DIY Easter Peeps vase is super quick and easy! Check out the tutorials (including video) below to make yours in time for the Easter bunny!

Supplies Needed

  • 5 inch vase (8 inches tall)
  • 3 inch kitchen glass
  • 3 packs of Peeps
  • Fresh Flowers (I used hydrangeas)
  • Scissors

Step-By-Step Tutorial

After pulling them apart, line up the most bottom layer of peeps inside the large vase. I used the pink peeps on the bottom then purple and topped with blue. I found it easier to put the bottom layer of peeps in without the inside glass, so it would be easier to maneuver and position them.

After the bottom layer of peeps are in, place the smaller kitchen glass in the middle of the larger vase. (You don’t have to use the exact same vase dimensions I did. Just make sure that you have enough space between the two glasses to place the peeps.)

Now you’re ready to put in the second layer of peeps. Position the second layer off center from the ones underneath (like a brick pattern.) Use this same technique for the last layer of peeps.

Put the plant food in smaller glass, fill with water and give a good stir!

Size up the flowers next to the vase and cut the stems a couple inches taller at a 45-degree angle. This increases the surface area for water intake, helping your fresh flowers last longer!

Video Tutorial

Voila, you’ve done it! Place that beauty where you’ll see it most throughout the day and enjoy! Happy Easter!!

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