I’ve started to grow my wreath collection over the last few years and have made it a life goal of mine to collect a wreath for every holiday and then some. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to have options and wreaths are so in right now!

The only down side to having all these beautiful wreaths is figuring out how to store them during the off seasons. I don’t want to just put them in plastic bags up in the attic where I’d surely forget which wreaths I actually have.

One day I was reorganizing my master closet, a perpetual pit of storage, and realized the top hanging pole in my 12 foot tall closet would be the perfect place to hang all my wreaths!

After rearranging my husband’s wardrobe, including his dress clothes, I realized those hangers I keep throwing out were the answer I’ve been looking for! And so ensues the reason you’re here… let me show you how to make those once useless wire hangers into the answer of your wreath storage problems!

What you need

  • Cutting Pliers
  • Metal hangers
  • A fabulous wreath collection

Lets do it!

Just as a picture is, I also think a video is worth a thousand words… so here ya go!

These wreath hangers are super simple and easy to make, clocking in around 2 mins, so go pick up your dry cleaning and get them made today!

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