I just love how this witch’s cauldron turned out and completes the look of my front entry way Halloween decor! Check out the step by step and video tutorials below to make your own authentic witch’s cauldron!


  • Cauldron (I used this large one at party city for $13)
  • Mod Podge (any finish will work, I used this Matte finish)
  • Spider figurines (I found mine at walmart)
  • Paper towel (1- ply, or take 2-ply apart)
  • Black spray paint
  • Black and gold acrylic paint
  • 2″ paint brush (these are great cheap ones)
  • smaller paint brush for texture details
  • My cute wizard assistant, Jack!


    In a bowl, mix mod podge and water (about 3/4 mod podge to 1/4 water.) If using 2-ply paper towel, separate the two pieces. Saturate the 1-ply paper towel in mod podge mixture and wring out tightly. After placing the paper towel on the cauldron, use the 2″ brush to dab out the air pockets and create wrinkles/cracks. Be sure to slightly overlap the paper towels so you don’t end up having the edges peel.

    Wrap the paper towel around the top edges and inside the cauldron for a completed look. I found this section used more mod podge and less water for the mixture to help hold the paper towel shape.

    Once the entire outside surface of the cauldron is covered with the paper towels you need to wait until it’s completely dry to paint and add the details. This will take several hours. I put my cauldron outside in the Texas sun for several hours and then waited overnight to be sure it was dry.

    Once dry, give that cauldron a good even coat of black spray paint.

    When spray paint is dry, apply black acrylic paint with a dabbing technique, add various spots around the cauldron. The acrylic paint will be darker than the black spray paint and add another element of dimension to the cauldron!

    Here’s where the cauldron really starts to come alive! Add the spiders with hot glue gun, paint black, then lightly brush with gold. Hold the brush parallel to the cauldron surface and lightly brush along the tops of the spiders and wrinkles/cracks. If you’re looking for them to be brighter, add more paint!

    Check out my last post to see the step by step and video tutorials on how I created these DIY Witch’s Spell Books!


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