It’s that time again… to change out the front door garland! Can’t you just feel the LOVE with this festive Valentine’s Day Garland?!!

In this post I’ll show you the step-by-step and video tutorial on how to make your own front door garland!

Supplies Needed

**INSIDER TIP** Dollar Tree is the best place to find all the garland add-ons. They have super cute stuff for every season and holiday and best of all… only a buck a piece!!!

My go-to for deco mesh and ribbon is! They have a huge selection!

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Stretch out the tinsel work garland (this is what they call the wired piece with attached tinsel tips.) I found that taping this to the floor and putting weight (I used packs of computer paper) on the ends to prevent the garland from moving made attaching the deco mesh much easier.

Pull and bunch deco mesh the length of the second next tie. Then bring it back to the first tie available and attach. This technique will help with loop and volume consistency.

Rotate sides the deco mesh is bunching to every time you’re attaching it to the next tie.

This makes the garland nice and full when you overlap and fill in the opposing sides with the next deco mesh (red foil, in this case.)

After completing the length of the first mesh (which will take two rolls,) it’s then time to add the other deco mesh style/color. You can see here that the first mesh I used was a natural burlap and the second was a Red Foil mesh. Use the same method of bringing the mesh to the second next tie, then attaching back to the first available tie.

The red foil mesh will be positioned opposite of the rotating natural burlap mesh. Once you begin to attach the second style/color mesh it’s easy to see how full and fabulous it will look!

I chose six different wired ribbons with the same color scheme in 1.5″ and 2.5″ widths. I needed 44 ribbons total for my garland (that’s how many mesh “loops” there were), so about 8 pieces of each ribbon style will be what you’re going to need. Cut the ribbons 19″ long (you can go longer, I just wouldn’t recommend shorter.)

Then cut both ends of the ribbon at a 45° angle or an inverted v-shape, which discourages fraying (and just looks better!)

Overlap the ends of two ribbons, pinch the intersection, then attach to the garland with the tinsel tie. Positioning the ribbons on rotating sides of the deco mesh loops will give the garland better visual flow!

Now for the fun part!! Putting up the garland and adding all the picks and sprays!

Pictured here is my assistant… Jack’s cuteness is the best kind of distraction, and I’m OK with it!

The exterior of our home is brick and I figured I’d finally make it easy on myself by putting screws into the house for hanging all my holiday garland! I’ve placed 3/16″ x 1-3/4″ Concrete Anchors into the mortar at all the points around the door frame where I planned to attach the garland.

I’ve put a strand of Christmas lights behind my Garland on a smart plug so the garland can be seen at night too!


I repeat, PIPE CLEANERS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND! Pipe cleaners are the best and least noticeable way of attaching all the garland add-ons. I used Pipe cleaners to attach the garland to the anchored screws on the house.

I ordered a huge (actually ginormous) box of pipe cleaners from here on Amazon and will surely be passing them on to my children, lol.

Place all the add-ons in the garland from biggest in size to smallest. For example, with this Valentine’s Day garland I added the big hearts, then the berry sprays and finally the small heart picks.

Weave the picks and ends of sprays through the deco mesh and use pipe cleaners to help stabilize/attach.

Video Tutorial

Can’t you even feel the love with my boxwoods?! I added heart picks to complete the look.

pssst… those boxwoods aren’t real! I recently got them here from Amazon and am in LOVE! (See what I did there, haha) I never have to water them and they’ll never die!

I love how this garland “glows” at night!

There you have it!! Now you have all my secrets to garland success. I’d love to hear if this tutorial was helpful and how your garland turns out!!

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