This Valentine’s Day Banner is a quick, easy and cheap way to spruce up your Valentine’s Day decor! Below is the step-by-step and video tutorial on how to make your own! Best thing about this project… It only costs $2 and takes under 10 minutes to complete!

Supplies Needed

  • Hanging Heart decor (two from the Dollar Tree)
  • String or rope
  • Scissors
  • Drill (with bit larger than string diameter)


Take apart the hanging heart decor by pulling off the string taped on the back and cut hanging ribbons at the top.

Stack several heart pieces on top of each other (I did 5 at a time.) Drill two holes towards the middle top of hearts (about 1 inch apart.)

(If you don’t have a drill, you can definitely still make this by taping your string or rope on the backs of the hearts!)

After deciding the pattern you want the hearts to hang in, get your string ready for lacing by tightly wrapping a piece of tape around the end and cutting the access. This will make threading the string through the holes much easier.

Lace all the hearts, decide how long you’d like the completed banner and cut the string to that length. Space the hearts evenly along the length of the banner.

Video Tutorial

 Ta-daaaah! Told you it was quick, easy and cheap! I hope you found this tutorial helpful and would love to hear how your’s turned out!

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