This Red White and Blue garland couldn’t scream America any louder! It might just be one of my favorite garlands that I’ve made so far. It’s so festive and I’m excited that I get to put it up a couple times a year. Truly, making this front door garland is easy. Just check out the step by step and video tutorials below!

Supplies Needed

**INSIDER TIP** Dollar Tree is the best place to find all the garland add-ons. They have super cute stuff for every season and holiday, and best of all… only a buck a piece!!! Get there early in the season though, as each store has different stock and limited supplies!

My go-to for deco mesh and ribbon is! They have a huge selection!

Step- By- Step Tutorial

This is the technique I use with all my holiday garland so I’ve just used pictures from previous garland for this explanation.

Stretch out the tinsel work garland (this is what they call the wired piece with attached tinsel tips.) I found that taping this to the floor and putting weight (I used packs of computer paper) on the ends to prevent the garland from moving made attaching the deco mesh much easier.

Pull and bunch deco mesh the length of the second next tie. Then bring it back to the first tie available and attach. This technique will help with loop and volume consistency.

Rotate sides the deco mesh is bunching to every time you’re attaching it to the next tie.

This makes the garland nice and full when you overlap and fill in the opposing sides with the next deco mesh (green or gold, in this case.)

I chose five different wired ribbons with the same color scheme. I needed 44 ribbons total for my garland (that’s how many mesh “loops” there were), so about 8/9 pieces of each ribbon style. Cut the ribbons 20″ long (you can go longer, I just wouldn’t recommend shorter.)

Now for the fun part!! Putting up the garland and adding all the picks and sprays!

Pictured here is my assistant… Jack, loving all the shiny and colorful decorations!

Video Tutorial

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