I’ve got all the cute jewelry but don’t know how to wear it or what to style it with. For a while I stored them in a box and in case you haven’t tried that method take my advice and DON’T DO IT! To say all those pretty jewels were tangled is an understatement. After I spent some time untangling and saving them from the scrapyard, I decided I needed a better way to store all those beauties. I wanted my necklaces to be more organized so that I could see them better and be more encourage to wear them.

What you need

  • 1 in. x 4 in. x 18 in. Furring Strip Board- you can buy a whole piece of wood and then cut if needed
  • 20 Pack Screw-in Light Hooks
  • Long Nose Pliers, 6-Inch
  •  Interior wood stain
  • Small Saw Tooth Picture Hangers
  • Hand saw (optional)

Let’s do it!

First, I cut a 1×4 board to 18 inches long (to fit the space where I was going to put it.) I lightly sanded the ends that way I wouldn’t accidently draw any blood trying to get my jewelry! I love the color of the Early American stain, and put a nice coat on the wood piece.

After the wood stain is dry, I figured out that spacing the hooks 1″ apart was the best to fit a good amount of necklaces and still not get tangled. I used a ruler and marked with a sharpie permanent marker where I was going to be inserting the hooks and then attached them using pliers (for a better grip.) It may be helpful to tap the point of the screw in using a hammer to get it started.

On the backside of the wood piece I attached two saw tooth hangers. Lastly, I put two screws into the wall, attached my new necklace hanger and put all my fabulous jewels up on those hooks! This necklace hanger was a big win… now my necklaces are organized and I have pretty wall art!

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