How charming did this entryway table turn out?!! I knew I wanted to make a pot of gold, and after coming across this leprechaun at the dollar tree, knew I just had to make a rainbow to complete the scene!

Everything, except the pipe insulation tubes came from the dollar tree!

Check out the step-by-step and video tutorials below to see created these few pieces and put together this bright and fun St. Patrick’s Day scene!

Step- By-Step Tutorial


Supplies Needed

First I coated the pipe insulation with white primer. To keep the tubes from moving (or blowing away) I taped them to the cardboard.

Now it’s time to get colorful! Tape the tubes down to the cardboard to prevent them from moving. You don’t have to paint the bottoms, but be sure to paint the majority of the tubes. I ended up doing at least two coats for each color (and more on some as I remixed and adjusted the colors.) Because the red and purple tubes were on the outside of my rainbow I made sure that I painted almost the entire surface area to be sure no original foam would be seen once the rainbow was put together.

Because The hot glue gun would have melted the foam tubes I put clear shipping tape on the bottom of all the tubes prior to gluing them to the posterboard.

I set up the poster board above my entry table where the rainbow would be going to get an idea how I wanted the arch to go. Because I wanted to the arch to look like it was coming out of the wall this took some finagling with taping and stepping back to get the arch I was going for.

I taped three poster boards together to form the base for the rainbow. After figuring out the arch, I hot glued the tubes to the poster board.

Now we’re getting somewhere!!

Cut away the excess posterboard with a utility knife, while being sure to not cut through the tubes. Then flip the arch over to fine tune the trimming.

I used my tile flooring to line up the rainbow arch so that I’d have a straight edge for cutting the left side. I scored the cutting line with the utility knife then actually used a serrated knife to cut through the rest of the tubes.

After painting the edges of the poster board, coat the whole rainbow with this high gloss coating will ensure that the paint won’t chip off and the rainbow will last!


Supplies Needed

  • Leprechaun Figure
  • Gold Coins
  • Leprechaun Hat
  • Shiny Shamrock
  • Poster Board

(All these items can be found at the Dollar Tree!)

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Utility or Crafting knife
  • Paint stick

After cutting the leprechaun figure’s hat off, I cut traced the figure on poster board, cut it out then hot glue gunned them together. The purpose of this was to give the leprechaun some sturdy support so that he could stand on the table in the display.

Lots of hot glue gunning now!!! First the shiny shamrock and coins into the leprechaun’s hands. Then I glued a paint stick into the shiny hat and attached it down the back of the leprechaun.


Supplies Needed

  • Plastic bucket
  • Gold coins
  • Clear packing tape
  • Scrap paper/shipping materials

(All these items can be found at the Dollar Tree!)

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black spray paint

I spray painted the bucket, then crumpled up scrap papers/bubble wrap and taped them in the bucket with clear packing tape as a base for the coins. I hot glue gunned several coins before then gluing that onto the scrap crumpled paper in the bucket. I found that grouping the coins was much easier and quicker than individually gluing each coin in.

Video Tutorial

I love that 99% of this scene was created using Dollar Tree supplies!

What do you think? Would you have added anything else or done anything differently?

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