Having lived in apartments for years I never really had that outdoor space I needed to live out my Halloween decorating dreams. Now that we’re settled into our home I decided that this year I was going to step up my decorating game! From hand painted Disney characters and massive spiders caught in webs to festive garland filled with all things Halloween I think I nailed the look I was going for!

What I used

(materials for 18ft front door garland) Direct links for all products listed at end of post

  • Deco mesh- Craftoutlet.com
    • black 21″ x 10 yrds (2)
    • Wide Stripe Black/Orange 10″ x 10 yrds (2)
  • 1/2 in. x 50 ft. Polypropylene Truck Rope- Home Depot
  • Pipe cleaners (black/brown)- Craftoutlet.com
  • Assorted wired edged ribbons (9 different patterns)- Craftoutlet.com
  • Various Halloween themed ornaments- Craftoutlet.com, Michaels and Dollar Tree

What I did

First, I cut the rope 18 ft long and attached the pipe cleaners about 4″ apart by twisting (see video). I used my hand as a measurement between each one.

Then I started with the black deco mesh which I twisted into the pipe cleaners. I formed the deco mesh into loops on alternating sides of the rope.

I then added the black and orange striped deco mesh to the opposite side(of the already attached black deco mesh.)

Next, I cut the various patterned ribbons 19″ long and made a V cut in both ends. They then were attached to the pipe cleaners in a repeating pattern.

I decided to spray paint the bat ornaments so that they would be more visible.

After the deco mesh and ribbons were attached I was ready to put the garland around my front door and garage.

I brought my garland and all other materials outside so that I could set up my front door entry. I put screws in the mortar around the door frame so that I could attach the garland with twisty ties.

Once the garland was securely fastened around the front door and garage it was time to add all the fun stuff! I tried to evenly distribute the ornaments so that they were symmetrical, yet still random.

To make these Halloween Pumpkin Topiaries check out my DIY tutorial- http://www.thediyjunkie.com/diy-halloween-pumpkin-topiary/

21″ Poly Deco Mesh: Blackhttps://www.craftoutlet.com/21-poly-deco-mesh-black

10″ Poly Deco Mesh: Deluxe Wide Stripe Black/Orangehttps://www.craftoutlet.com/10-poly-deco-mesh-deluxe-wide-stripe-black-orange

1/2 in. x 50 ft. Polypropylene Truck Rope- https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-2-in-x-50-ft-Polypropylene-Truck-Rope-Black-and-Orange-70642/205804760

Pipe Cleaners / Chenille Stems: Black (100)https://www.craftoutlet.com/pipe-cleaner-chenille-stems-black-100

1.5″ Giant Three Size Polka Dot Ribbon 10 yrds- https://www.craftoutlet.com/15-giant-three-size-polka-dot-ribbon-dark-orange-black-10-yards-rgb1151ny

2.5″ Black & White Glitter Edge Ribbon 10 yrdshttps://www.craftoutlet.com/25-black-white-glitter-edge-ribbon-orange-10-yards-x970540-19

2.5″ Halloween Fun Ribbon 10 yrdshttps://www.craftoutlet.com/25-halloween-fun-ribbon-black-10-yards-x910140-21

2.5″ Medium Stripe Ribbon 10 yrds- https://www.craftoutlet.com/25-medium-stripe-ribbon-orange-black-10-yards

2.5″ Spider Web Satin Ribbon: Black 10 yrdshttps://www.craftoutlet.com/25-spider-web-satin-ribbon-black-10-yards-51007-40-21

2.5″ Glitter Argyle Ribbon: Black & Orange 10 yrds- https://www.craftoutlet.com/25-glitter-argyle-ribbon-black-orange-10-yards

2.5″ White Ghost Ribbon: Black 10 yrdshttps://www.craftoutlet.com/25-white-ghost-ribbon-black-10-yards

1.5″ Black Boo Chalk Lettering Ribbon 10 yrds- https://www.craftoutlet.com/15-black-boo-chalk-lettering-ribbon-10-yards

1.5″ Big Polka Dot Ribbon: Orange & White 10 yrds- https://www.craftoutlet.com/15-big-polka-dot-ribbon-orange-white-10-yards-rg158620

8.5″ String Web & Spider: Blackhttps://www.craftoutlet.com/85-string-web-spider-black

23″ Foam 3D Skeleton Hanger- https://www.craftoutlet.com/23-foam-3d-skeleton-hanger

12″ Decorative Wooden Bat Silhouette: Natural- https://www.craftoutlet.com/12-decorative-wooden-bat-silhouette-natural

12″ Foam Candy Corn Pick- https://www.craftoutlet.com/12-foam-candy-corn-pick-56583hal

10″ Decorative Wooden Bat Silhouette: Naturalhttps://www.craftoutlet.com/10-decorative-wooden-bat-silhouette-natural

12″ Felt & Foam Ghost Ornament- https://www.craftoutlet.com/12-felt-foam-ghost-ornament-hh7395

Candy Corn Pick by Ashland®- https://www.michaels.com/candy-corn-pick-by-ashland/10636303.html

Big Candy Corn Pick by Ashland- https://www.michaels.com/candy-corn-pick-by-ashland/10636301.html

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