You know how anyone can tell you 101 uses for duck tape? Well, I feel the same is true for paintsticks. I usually pick up a few when I’m getting paint and then end up finding a million projects (other than painting) to use them in!

For years I’ve been putting garland above my kitchen cabinets at Christmas time but due to the way the cabinets are made the garland hangs over the doors… and so ensues an endless battle of opening the cabinet to get spices and closing the door without the garland getting in the way.

This year I came up with a super easy and quick solution to this problem using things I already had at home. I used paint sticks as extenders to increase the height of the attached garland. Check out below how I did this!


  • Paint sticks (grab these from Home Depot or Lowes paint department when getting paint for your home projects!)
  • pipe cleaners (walmart or any craft store)
  • small wire nails (any hardware store)
  • Hammer and cordless drill


Cut paint sticks to desired length. I cut mine at about 4 1/2″ which would be long enough to attach to the cabinet and attach the garland to but not too tall to where it would be sticking out and visible. I used a small drill bit to drill two holes in one end of the stick.

After cutting black pipe cleaners in thirds (Black, so they’d blend in with the garland) I weaved them in and out of the two holes in the paint stick. I used 1/2 inch wire nails and preset them in the other end of the paint stick. This made it easier to hammer into the cabinets because of the awkward angles and space restriction.

Finish hammering the stick into the backside of the cabinet with the pip cleaners facing out. Attach the garland and you’re good to go! No more ornaments of garland branches getting stuck when opening or closing the doors!

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