I’m super excited to share this tutorial and show you how easy and inexpensive it is to flock a Christmas tree! Whether you’re using a new tree or re-flocking an old one the process is the same and can easily be accomplished in less than an hour!


  • Christmas tree
  • Snow flock
  • Plastic tablecloth
  • Misting hose (you could also use a spray bottle)
  • Mesh strainer


I would definitely reccomend doing this process outside unless you want the inside of your home to turn into a winter wonderland (which may not be a terrible thing during the Christmas season!)

For my first flocking experience I used this 6ft tree from Walmart, which I bought for $10 after the Christmas season.

I put my tree together and fluffed all the branches up and out. To assure that it wouldn’t blow away, I used masking tape to tape the plastic tablecloth to my patio. The Dollar Tree had these plastic tablecloths for a buck and that’s tough to beat! Having this on the ground made for a super easy clean up.


Frist spray the entire tree generously with the hose on the mist setting.

Then sift the snow flocking (brand I used was from the Home Depot) with a mesh strainer (can be found at the Dollar Tree.) To activate the flocking powder mist the branches again and you will see the snow expand!

If you want your tree to have a super thick flocked look, do multiple coats of powder. Once you have your desired thickness let the tree dry for several hours. You’ll see in the video tutorial below how I decorated my flocked tree outside my front door. The tree is under a covered area so there won’t be any issues of the tree “slushing” away!


Have you flocked a Christmas tree before and if so how did it turn out? If you haven’t, go grab yourself a tree and get to it! I promise. you’ll feel accomplished and proud of the finished product… I did!

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