I made my first doormat a couple years ago and have since whipped out several using various techniques, this being the easiest! This is a super easy and cheap way to change the whole look of your front door entryway. I plan to make one for each season/holiday, cause why not!

What You Need

  • Blank Coir Doormat
  • Vinyl (Oracal 613 or 651)
  • Vinyl Transfer Tape
  • Cricut Machine
  • 8oz Black Exterior Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Hair dryer

I’ve found the IKEA has the best price on blank coir doormats. They are also nice and big with the dimensions at 2 ‘0 “x 2 ’11 “.


Let’s Do it!

In Cricut Design Space I first made a rectangle the dimensions of the doormat (24″ x 35″) that way I could get a better idea of sizing and placement for the fonts. I used the font Gill Sans MT Condensed for “HEY THERE” (13.08 width and 3.18 height) and Magnolia Sky for “pumpkin” (23 width and 11.5 height.) Cricut limits cutting on a single mat anything larger than 23.5 x 11.5 so that was the main deciding factor on how big I was going to make the design.


After cutting and weeding the vinyl (I made sure I took out the letters and not the vinyl surrounding, as this is the stencil,) it was time to transfer it to the doormat. Because the transfer tape is so strong, which would make transferring the vinyl to the doormat more difficult, I decreased the tackiness by applying and then removing the tape from the doormat.

Ok, so transferring the vinyl to the doormat (using the transfer tape) takes a little bit of patience. Check out the time lapse below to see how I did it. Once I had the vinyl stencil positioned I used my hair dryer and some pressure to better assist the vinyl adhere to the doormat.

Then the fun part! I applied two coats of the paint by dabbing up and down. You can literally see the doormat just soak up the paint so I wanted to make sure I applied enough! As far as the border goes, I drew the outline first using a ruler and black sharpie which I later filled in with paint. I did this after painting the lettering so I wouldn’t get the paint all over me.

I almost always manage to have a little mess up, and this doormat was no exception. I made a couple of accidental paint dribbles towards the bottom right corner. Because the mat soaks paint up so quickly there was no getting those dribbles out, so I decided I would make that part of the design. I painted more dots in the corner that faded out to the rest of the doormat. As Bob Ross said “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents!” I actually think It’s a great addition and am happy with how the doormat turned out!


  1. Love this site! Thanks for the crafty!!!

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