As soon as February rolled around I knew immediately what I wanted to do for my son, Jack’s, monthly pictures! Obviously I had to go with cupid’s bow and arrow! After seeing these glittery hearts at the Dollar Tree I decided incorporating them was a must.

This DIY Bow and Arrows was quick and easy, costing me $7 and about half an hour (well, plus another couple minutes to search the back yard for a few branches!) Check out the step by step picture and video tutorials below to see how I made these cute props!


  • Branches
    • several straight branches
    • one arched branch
  • Twine
  • Gold paper
  • Hearts (you could also use red paper instead)
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors


Prepare for making the arrows by cutting the small heart apart from the larger one. Check out my DIY Valentine’s Day Garland to see how you can use the large hearts! Break off any unwanted branches.

Cut the gold glitter sheet about 4 inches wide, apply two glue gun strips about 1/2 inch apart on the backside, then fold the sheet in half so the gold side is showing. Cut one of the ends to a triangle point.

Using the triangular endpoint as a guideline, cut parallel slits along both sides about 1/4 inch apart, take out the negative pieces and finish the end of the feather with an inverted triangular cut.

Open the feather by holding and pushing the sides (where the glue gun strips where applied,) insert the branch then hot glue gun shut. Push the opposite end of the branch into the foam heart. If the foam heart is not a tight fit, add some hot glue. When in doubt, pull the hot glue gun out!

Add some twine near the gold feather end to add a little texture. Hot glue gun, wrap and glue again!

Now onto the bow! Add twine between the arched branch and wrap around several times before hot gluing. After cutting a 1/2 inch strip of the gold paper, wrap it around the middle section of the branch to make a handle. Add a couple wraps of twine on either side of the gold handle and glue to hold.

There you have it! You’ve created the cutest cupid’s bow and arrow set!


I’m super happy with how the bow and arrows turned out and even happier with how they made for perfect props in Jack’s pictures! I’d love to hear if you make these and how they turn out!

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