How cute is this vase!?!! I’m so excited about this completely original idea and even happier to share it with you all! This is just the thing to complete your Valentine’s Day décor this year.

I was originally going to place the candy hearts randomly, but then decided that a Rainbow Ombre might be just the thing to take this vase to the next level… and I have to admit, I was right!

Best thing about this DIY vase… This took only about 30 Minutes and $10 (flowers included) to make! Check out this easy step-by-step tutorial and video tutorial below!

Supplies Needed

  • Vase (Dollar Tree)
  • Candy Hearts (4 bags from Dollar Tree)
  • Ribbon (about 3 ft long)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Flowers (I used Spider Mums from local grocery store)

Step-By-Step Tutorial

I recommend sorting the candy hearts out first. It will make assembling on the vase a lot easier!

Starting at the base of the vase apply a small strip of hot glue to attach the purple hearts. Because the hot glue gun is being applied to glass it tends to dry quick, so I recommend doing small sections at a time (about 1 inch.) Position the hearts randomly (some upside down and or sideways) for a mosaic look.

After gluing on two rows of purple, start to integrate some pink candy hearts in by alternating the purple and pink pieces. It’s not an exact pattern (you may do pink, purple, purple and then pink, pink, purple.) The next row up will include more pink hearts and the following row almost all pink.

Use this technique to integrate from pink to orange, and from orange to yellow, yellow to green and finally green to white.

Tie the ribbon around the vase and cut the ends to make an inverted V. Not only does cutting the ribbon this way make the ribbon look finished, but it also prevents the ribbon from fraying. Cut the flowers at varied heights several inches higher than the vase.

After filling the vase with water, cut the tulle (I used the material the flowers were wrapped in when I bought them.) You can also find Tulle ribbon at the Dollar Tree. This is not necessary but adds a little more dimension to the vase!

Place the flowers in the vase and stick the tulle ribbon between a couple of the flowers. Voilà, you’ve done it!! I’m happy to have found something to do with these candy hearts other than eating them! I’d love to hear it you make this and how it turned out!

Video Tutorial

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