About TheDIYJunkie
Hey there! I’m Susie and I’m so glad you’re here! I love everything DIY and if you’re here you probably do too! I truly believe that everyone is creative and you really can do all those crafty DIY projects you’ve seen! All you need is a little guidance and a good tutorial… That’s where I come in play. I’ve got you! Let’s get crafty!

About Susie
I’m a full time wife to Mike, Mama to Jack and Peter and lover of all things crafting! For as long as I can remember I’ve always been creating things. It probably started with making mud pies in the sandbox or drawing masterpieces with drywall on the backyard concrete slab. Boy, I’ve come a long way! I’ve learned the tricks of the trade with power tools (thanks Dad), sewing machines (thanks Mom) and am self taught in several other avenues of crafting. I still have lots to learn and create, so let’s do it together and enjoy life one DIY project at a time!